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Tired of making money for other people?  Ready for a lifestyle change?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?  Do you want to share a product you feel good standing behind?

A House of Jerky Store Might Be Right For You

Since 1993, House of Jerky has been a pioneer in the small batch jerky movement.  Our jerky, made from high quality ingredients, has been delighting fans all over the country.  People keep coming back to House of Jerky stores because they love our wide selection of meats and flavors.  Entrepreneurs keep opening our stores because they like the low cost of start-up and the ease of the business model.

Questions? You can contact us at: 812-425-3555

Our Owners Are Saying:

“Owning 2 restaurants can be rewarding and hectic at times for Angela and I. We now own 2 House of Jerky stores and it’s been nothing but fun! We are excited to be looking for a third ? spot!” – Tim Wharton, Cape May House of Jerky

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